Words Instead of Said - KS3 - teaching resource

Words Instead of Said - KS3 Teaching Resources

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Words Instead of Said - KS3

KS3 English Programme of Study - Writing and grammar and vocabulary

Pupils should be taught to plan, draft, edit and proofread through:

  • amending the vocabulary, grammar and structure of their writing to improve its coherence and overall effectiveness
'Words Instead of Said - KS3' is a handy English teaching resource focusing on vocabulary and using alternatives to the word 'said' to develop word choice skills as per the KS3 curriculum objective listed above. Content includes:
  • An explanation as to why it is important to use a varied vocabulary to enhance our writing
  • Using an alternative to 'said' class activity and accompanying worksheet
  • 1 further worksheet with suggested answers
'Words Instead of Said - KS3' is fully editable so that teachers have the freedom, if needed, to adapt the resource to suit all abilities.
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