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English Teaching Resources: V for Vendetta (alliteration, thesaurus and dictionary tasks). 

PowerPoint and worksheet. 

This great little resource is designed to help learners develop knowledge and understanding of alliteration, synonyms and homophones and can be used to raise awareness of the importance of dictionaries and thesauruses.  The 13 slide PowerPoint presentation uses the speech from the movie V for Vendetta.  Learners must identify the use of alliteration and investigate unfamiliar words.  Learners are asked to:

-To know, recognise, identify and use alliteration.
-To listen for tone, meter, pace and emphasis in speech.
-To recognise, research and apply correct context in both spoken and written formats.
-To use a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words and obtain definitions that are contextually accurate.
-To use a variety of formats of thesauri to obtain synonyms.
-To re-write a speech using more familiar lexicon but without altering the context.
-To work as part of a team.

This excellent little resource can be used when working on general literacy skills at KS3 or KS4.

To preview English Teaching Resources: V for Vendetta (Key Literacy Skills) please click on the images from the PowerPoint slideshow.

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