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Our Treasure Island unit of work provides opportunities for students to access an example of classic fiction. As well as studying the book in detail, the resource also looks at comparing interpretations of the text in film.  Treasure Island is packed with ideas and includes a wide range of activities.

The unit of work covers the following:

1.    Personal responses to reading.

2.    Interpreting a description graphically.

3.    Empathising with characters.

4.    Sentence warm up activities.

5.    Understanding relationships, customs and attitudes with reference to the way characters act and interact.

6.    Exploring the author's use of language, for example literal and figurative language for descriptions; to create a comic or dramatic effect.

7.    Individual, pair and group work.

8.    Role on the wall activities.

9.    Descriptive, report and discussion writing.

10.    Biographical writing.

11.    Telling a story through lyrics.

12.    Identify the point of view from which a story is told. Select a character and use improvisation and role-play to explore the story from their point of view. 

13.    Hotseating and conscience alley.

14.    Extending vocabulary.

15.    Text structure and planning.

16.    Writing in role (EG: a letter from one character to another).

17.    Writing in the third person.

18.    Short story writing.

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