The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier - teaching resource

The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier Teaching Resources

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The Silver Sword teaching resources (PowerPoint, worksheets and lessons)  

Our teaching resource for Ian Serraillier’s novel ‘The Silver Sword’ is made up of a 17 lesson teaching unit which contains a 161 slide editable PowerPoint presentation, 30 worksheets and a lesson by lesson teaching overview.

It contains a range of tasks and activities designed to develop general reading skills as well as detailed knowledge and understanding of the historical context, plot, characters, language and themes of Ian Serraillier’s book The Silver Sword.  

Contents include:

    - A unit overview containing seventeen 4-part lessons which explore historical context, plot, character, themes and language

     - Analysis of the characters of Joseph, Ruth, Edek and Bronia Balicki and Jan

     - Various extension activities 

     - A range of engaging starter activities and plenaries

     - Historical context research task

     - Discussion of key themes: war, family, friendship, hope, etc

     - Developing inference and deduction skills

     - Empathetic writing – Ruth’s diary

     - Spoken English activity - Hotseating characters to develop knowledge and understanding

     - Analysing Serraillier’s use of language, symbolism and structure in The Silver Sword

     - Writing a book review for the novel

     - Seventeen lesson unit of work

     - A 161 slide editable PowerPoint presentation 

     - 30 worksheets

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