The Red Room by HG Wells - teaching resource

The Red Room by HG Wells Teaching Resources

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The Red Room by H.G. Wells unit of work is made up of a 63-slide editable PowerPoint presentation, a five lesson overview, a copy of the story and 9 worksheets. The resources contain a range of lessons, tasks and activities designed to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of the literary context, plot, characters, language and themes of this widely C19th short story.

The Red Room by H.G. Wells teaching resources include:

    - A unit of work overview with 5 four part lessons covering social, historical and literary context, plot, characters and language

    - Analysis of the characters of the narrator and custodians

    - Extension activities 

    - Exercises and questions to consolidate knowledge and understanding

    - Literary context understanding influences - the gothic influence - activity and notes

    - A copy of the text

    - Analysing H.G. Wells' use of language to build mood and suspense in the story

    - An essay question with planning guidance

    - A 5 lesson unit of work overview

    - A 63-slide PowerPoint presentation

    - 9 worksheets to accompany the PowerPoint presentation

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