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The Prelude - Stealing the Boat Teaching Resources

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The Prelude: Stealing the Boat 

This two-lesson mini-unit covers Wordsworth's 'Stealing the Boat' in detail. Designed for GCSE pupils studying AQA Power and Conflict poetry, this resource explores the poem in depth and explains how to compare it to other poems from the anthology. The resource is made up of a 66-slide editable PowerPoint presentation and 6 accompanying worksheets.

The lessons contain the following:

Lesson One

Context – A brief outline of William Wordsworth, Romanticism and the social and historical context of the late 1700s.

First Reading – A reading of ‘The Prelude: Stealing the Boat’ with glossary and comprehension / consolidation questions - answers included.

Language and imagery – Analysing 'Stealing the Boat' in detail. Exploring language and answering questions that delve deeper. Model answers provided.

Essay Writing – An essay question to assess students' initial understanding of the poem. An example response is included.

Lesson Two

Imagery - Analysing Wordsworth's use of imagery and poetic techniques in the poem.

Themes – Exploring the themes of 'The Prelude: Stealing the Boat' – the power of nature, fear, personal growth and the connection between humans and the natural world

Structure and Form – How Wordsworth uses form, structure, rhythm and rhyme.

The GCSE Exam – Comparing ‘The Prelude: Stealing the Boat’ with 'Ozymandias' and explaining how to write an effective extended answer.

This is a comprehensive resource containing a range of activities, however it can also be edited, personalised and differentiated to suit your teaching needs.

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