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The Hero (Sassoon)

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The Hero (Sassoon)

War Poetry & Conflict Teaching Resources: The Hero (Siegfried Sassoon). 

The Hero (Siegfried Sassoon) is an English/English Literature teaching resource consisting of a 46 slide PowerPoint and 12 pages of worksheets.  Resources cover a range of lessons and activities ideal for studying and teaching the poem at KS4/GCSE.  The resources can be used as standalone lessons on The Hero or incorporated into a wider scheme of work on war poetry/conflict.  War Poetry & Conflict Teaching Resources: The Hero (Siegfried Sassoon) consists of a range of detailed and stimulating lessons and activities for students of all abilities including:

-A brief biography of Siegfried Sassoon
-The historical and social context of The Hero - World War One, trench warfare - film footage included
-An introduction to the poem including and an audio reading of 'The Hero'
-A clean copy of 'The Hero' for annotation
-Consolidation of understanding and comprehension tasks
-Sassoon's use of language and imagery in The Hero
-Structure and poetic techniques in the poem
-Modelling the use of PEE when writing an analysis of the poem
-The theme and message of The Hero
-Links to Siegfried Sassoon webpages on the BBC, more war poetry, audio video reading of The Hero, BBC history WWI resources and an audio version of the poem
-46 slide PowerPoint analysis of The Hero
-12 pages of worksheets to accompany the PowerPoint lessons

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