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Stone Cold - Unit of Work

(18-lesson, 203-slide PowerPoint-based unit of work with 49 worksheets) 

Stone Cold is an 18-lesson teaching resource made up of a 203-slide editable PowerPoint presentation and a booklet of 49 worksheets.

This KS3 unit explores every chapter of the novel in detail and covers:


  • Exploring attitudes to homelessness
  • Reading tasks with comprehension questions
  • Developing understanding of implicit and explicit meaning
  • Developing deduction and other key reading skills
  • Exploring themes: homelessness, crime and punishment, family breakdown, the welfare state, poverty
  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Robert Swindells' use of language in Stone Cold
  • Character profiles and analysis - Link, Shelter, Ginger, Gail, Vince
  • Empathy and descriptive writing
  • Non-fiction writing
  • And lots more!


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