Sonnet 29 - I Think of Thee - teaching resource

Sonnet 29 - I Think of Thee Teaching Resources

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'Sonnet 29 - I Think of Thee' contains a comprehensive 28-slide PowerPoint-based GCSE teaching resource with 8 accompanying worksheets.

This two-lesson mini unit, aimed at middle-ability GCSE learners, enables students to explore ‘Sonnet 29’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in detail.

The first lesson introduces students to the sonnet form and explores key terms that they will need in order to analyse ‘Sonnet 29’. After a differentiated ‘Do Now’ activity, students undertake tasks that cover the concept of syllables, feet and metre, and the difference between the Petrarchan and English sonnet form. The lesson concludes with a brief ‘true or false’ activity as a learning review.   

In the second lesson, students apply what they have learnt to an analysis of Browning’s sonnet. After a similarly differentiated ‘Do Now task’, they work in pairs to explore ‘Sonnet 29’, considering how both language and structural methods shape meaning in the poem. At the end of the lesson, students fill in an ‘exit ticket’ that will help teachers to gauge how confident their students feel in their understanding of ‘Sonnet 29’. 

Suggested answers are provided for all tasks. 

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