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Myths and Legends (74 slide editable PowerPoint teaching resource with 25 worksheets) is a teaching unit made up of four parts, with oral or written outcomes and assessment opportunities at regular intervals. It can involve an oral retelling of the legend of Robin Hood for tourists, visiting a medieval castle and producing a version of the written legend for the castle tourist booklet. This genre can be developed further by the inclusion of local legends (e.g. Pendle witches) and provides opportunities for establishing whole-class collections of legends to support independent reading for pleasure. Texts used could include films, comics, picture books, TV programmes and written texts.

Robin Hood - Myths and Legends includes:

Read a selection of short stories that exemplify this specific genre (legends).

Analyse characters

Invent ‘back-stories’ for different characters

Identify features typical of the genre and note the narrative structure.

Analyse the structure of the story The Silver Arrow noting the way that the passing of time is represented.

Plan and write a short story that conveys the passing of time in a non-linear way, for example using flashbacks.

Use techniques to convey the style of legends to the reader.

Make a collection and display of this fiction genre. Ask children to add to it based on their own wider reading experience.

Use opportunities in Guided Reading workshop activities to explore this genre further.

Use drama activities to explore typical characters, setting, events.

Children plan and write their own extended story to presentation standard.

Demonstrate and support children in using different narrative techniques to engage the reader and to use paragraphs to add pace or emphasis.

Demonstrate and support children in extending sentences using language effects.

Curriculum links: History – Anglo Saxons, Normans, Castles and Knights; Geography – mapping, forestry; Science: trees, seed dispersal, adaptation; DT – drawbridges, longbows, willow weaving.

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