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Reports and Explanations Teaching Resources

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Reports and Explanations – Non-Fiction Unit (70 slide PowerPoint presentation) could form part of a class topic in which the children are learning about systems, procedures or processes. 

Students could use Reports and Explanations to create an information or reference book in which they include reports and explanations. The resource is based on the short writing test Endangered Creature and provides opportunities to explore features of impersonal style such as complex sentences, use of passive voice, hypothetical language (if...then, might, when the...) and technical vocabulary.  

English Teaching Resources: Reports and Explanations covers a number of key curriculum areas.  


Personal responses to reading

Sentence warm up activities

Extending vocabulary

Use of the passive voice in impersonal writing

Text structure and planning

Creating a plan using a structure.

Writing in the third person.

Reports and Explanations contains the following cross curricular links: History and Geography (Galápagos islands, weather); Science (Habitats, Interdependence and adaptation, Life cycles); Art/DT – using fabric collage to create pictures.

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