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Our Day Out - Unit of Work

This 15-lesson resource includes a unit overview, a 230-slide PowerPoint presentation and 35 worksheets. Every lesson covers key NC objectives and follows the four part lesson format: starter/introduction/development/plenary.  All PowerPoint slides are fully editable, so you can teach the unit as it is or modify and differentiate the lessons to suit your teaching needs. You can view the whole resource by selecting 'View All Slides' and clicking on the images. 

This 'Our Day Out' teaching resource contains a range of activities, including:

- Brief biography of Willy Russell and the social and historical context of Our Day Out (1970s inner-city Liverpool).

- Comprehension questions with answers.

- Analysis of the characters of Mrs Kay, Mr Briggs and Carol.

- Character development - Mr Briggs' character arc.

- Exploration of the key themes - class, education, poverty.

- Developing inference and deduction skills.

- Exploring stereotypes and prejudice.

- Willy Russell’s use of tension and suspense.

- Hot seating activities to develop understanding of characters.

- Writing a formal letter

- Russell's use of dramatic irony to create comedy and pathos

- Sequencing and summarising activities

- Essay task with guidance

To preview Our Day Out - Unit of Work, select 'View All Slides' then click on the images.

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