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Of Mice and Men (KS3) Teaching Resources

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A 244 slide PowerPoint presentation with 58 worksheets and a scheme of work with 29 lessons.

Of Mice and Men (KS3) has been adapted from the GCSE resource and can be taught in Year 9 to cover KS3 Reading World Literature.  If you require the GCSE version of Of Mice and Men please click here.

Of Mice and Men is a new KS3 English teaching resource with 29 lessons which explore Steinbeck’s classic novella in depth.  Resources include a scheme of work overview, a 244 slide PowerPoint presentation and 58 worksheets.   All lessons are structured using the four part lesson format - starter, introduction, development and plenary. To view the Of Mice and Men teaching resources PowerPoint click on the images.

This teaching resource has a range of activities for students of all abilities and includes the following:

• A brief biography of Steinbeck and the social and historical context of the Depression and the 1930s

• Activities to develop knowledge of the plot

• In depth analysis of the characters of George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks, Curley’s Wife, Curley and Slim

• Exploration of key themes - dreams, loneliness, racism, marginalisation, friendship

• The social and historical context of the novel (the Wall Street Crash and the depression of the 1930s)

• Developing awareness of the features of a novel – character, theme, plot, style, etc

• Teaching the use of Point/Evidence/Explain to write about Of Mice and Men

• Steinbeck’s message and the role of Crooks, Curley’s Wife, Candy and Lennie

• Cloze passages for each chapter to consolidate understanding of the plot

• Analysis of Steinbeck’s language in key scenes

• Steinbeck’s creation of tension and suspense

• Hot seating activities

• Empathy question preparation - diary and letter writing

• Sequencing activities

• Developing inference and deduction skills


To preview the Of Mice and Men PowerPoint teaching resources please click on the images.

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