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Myths of the Constellations Teaching Resources

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English Teaching Resources – Myths of the Constellations  

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Myths of the Constellations teaching resource  

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Teaching overview  

English Teaching Resources: ‘Myths of the Constellations’ teaching unit   

This set of resources has a specific focus on myths. It offers opportunities to support children in identifying the key themes of the texts and in considering personal responses to the text. As the focus of these units is explicitly to support the development of reading, specific links to guided writing are not exemplified. It is important that guided writing sessions are planned during this sequence and draw on the reading children are undertaking in order to develop their writing skills and some activities have been included for this purpose.

It is recommended that teachers use film versions of the stories where possible which will offer further opportunities to explore this text type. However, for this unit of work, relevant clips can be viewed via links on the PowerPoint presentation.

‘Myths of the Constellations’ includes the following activities:

Talk for writing – reading as a writer. How does this text make you feel and how has the writer achieved this?

Exploring character – stock characters of good and evil.

Identifying the main points in a story.

Sentence warm up activities

Text structure and planning

Using a writing frame

Zone of relevance activity

Empathising with characters


Individual, pair and group work.

Creating a plan using a structure.

Writing in the third person.

Writing a short myth.

Creating a visual text using ICT.

Cross curricular links: Science (astronomy)

Guided reading

Although the unit is designed for use with the whole class, teachers could also select aspects of it to use with guided reading groups as the texts are pitched at different levels. Alternatively, class sessions could be followed up during guided reading sessions with a closer look at particular parts of the text - looking, for example, at the language or what has been revealed about plot or character. The grouping for guided reading needs to be linked to assessment and children's curricular targets, to ensure maximum impact on children's reading.

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