KS3 English Teaching Resources

KS3 English Teaching Resources

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KS3 Novels and Short Stories

These KS3 reading resources cover a wide range of fiction from a variety of genres, historical periods and authors. Here you will find high-quality resources for novels and short stories from both pre-1914 and contemporary...

KS3 Poetry

We've got lots of great KS3 poetry resources from 'The Lady of Shalott' to 'The Highwayman' and everything in between.

KS3 Plays

Whether you're searching for Shakespeare materials or rummaging around for Willy Russell resources, here you'll discover a range of materials for KS3 plays and drama texts.

KS3 Reading Skills (Fiction and Non-fiction)

KS3 reading resources for fiction and non-fiction texts.

KS3 Writing Skills (Fiction and Non-fiction)

Resources for KS3 fiction and non-fiction writing.

KS3 Spoken English

In this section of the site you'll find Spoken English teaching resources for KS3. Materials cover a range of Spoken English skills such as: using Standard English in informal and formal contexts, giving speeches and...

KS3 Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation & Spelling

Handy grammar, vocabulary, punctuation & spelling activities to help KS3 students master key skills.

KS3 Games, Quizzes and Activities

Blockbusters, crosswords, dingbats, icebreakers, quizzes, starter activities, word games, word searches and more.

KS3 Free Resources

Try before you buy. Check out our free resources here.

KS3 Seasonal Resources

Here you'll find resources for Back to School, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Halloween, Roald Dahl Day and much more.

Functional Skills English

Complete units of work for teaching Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening English Functional Skills.

All KS3 Teaching Resources

An A to Z of all our KS3 English teaching resources.

Developing Vocabulary Skills - Year 6

Developing Vocabulary Skills - Year 6 In this English word reading teaching resource, pupils apply...

Identifying Parts of Speech

Identifying Parts of Speech English SPaG Teaching Resource 'Identifying Parts of Speech' is an English...

Inference Skills

Inference Skills  English Reading Teaching Resource 'Inference Skills' is designed to help pupils develop inference...


Prepositions English SPaG Teaching Resource In this English teaching resource, pupils practise identifying prepositions and...

Types of Nouns

Types of Nouns English SPaG Teaching Resource In 'Types of Nouns' pupils practise recognising common...

Using a Dictionary

Using a Dictionary Writing - transcription Our ‘Using a Dictionary’ teaching resource is designed to...


Verbs English Grammar Teaching Resource ‘Verbs’ teaches pupils how to use verbs effectively to develop...

Writing for Different Audiences and Purposes Bundle

Writing for Different Audiences and Purposes Bundle 'Writing for Different Audiences and Purposes Bundle' focuses...