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KS4 Poetry Teaching Resources: Holy Sonnet 17 (John Donne).  

A 37 slide Powerpoint analysis of the poem Holy Sonnet 17 ('Since she whom I loved') - John Donne - KS4/GCSE English/English Literature poetry - and an accompanying 12 pages of worksheets. KS4 Poetry Teaching Resources: Holy Sonnet 17 (Since she whom I loved) - John Donne includes a range and variety of lessons and activities for all abilities:

A brief biography of John Donne with video introduction to Donne by historian Simon Schama.

John and Anne Donne - the death of Anne Donne - the poem's context

Analysis of the poem Holy Sonnet 17 with discussion of ideas and consolidation of understanding.

Paraphrased copy of the poem Holy Sonnet 17 ('Since she whom I loved').

Structure & imagery- how does Donne uses structure and imagery in the poem?

Style and form - Analysis of style and form and the use of poetic techniques in Holy Sonnet 17.

Language - this lesson explores word choices, using P.E.E to write about language in Donne's poem.

Themes of Holy Sonnet 17 explored, theme mind map, consolidation of poet's meaning and purpose.

Links - Where to find further information about Robert Graves to aid additional lessons.

37 slide PowerPoint resource for teaching the poem Holy Sonnet 17 by John Donne.

12 pages of worksheets to accompany the PowerPoint.

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