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English Teaching Resources - Holes  

KS3 > Reading > Prose > Novel Study (also appropriate for UKS2)

Holes by Louis Sachar teaching resource

161 slide fully editable PowerPoint presentation

20 worksheets

23 detailed lesson plans

Unit overview

Our Holes teaching resource is an extremely comprehensive unit which covers a wide range of activities for pupils of different ages and abilities.  The 23-lesson resource closely follows the 4-part lesson structure - starter activity, introduction, development and plenary - and all PowerPoint slides are editable and easy to differentiate.  You can view the PowerPoint by clicking on the images opposite. 

Our Holes teaching resource explores the following in detail:

    * The social context of the book (youth detention in the USA, boot camps)

    * The historical context of the American South (racial segregation, civil rights, reconstruction, Jim Crow laws)

    * activities to develop knowledge of the plot

    * analysis of the characters of Stanley Yelnats, Mr Sir, Mr Pendanski, The Warden, Kate Barlow, Sam and Zero

    * key themes - crime and punishment, friendship, redemption - explored

    * Exploring the features of a novel – narrative hooks, building tension, setting the scene

    * Using Point/Evidence/Explain to write about Holes

    * Louis Sachar's 'message'- the author's purpose and viewpoint

    * cloze and sequencing activities to consolidate understanding of the plot

    * analysis of language in key scenes

    * role play / hot seating tasks

    * empathy activities - diary and letter writing – to evaluate understanding of plot, character and themes

    * Links to Holes games, quizzes and more lesson ideas

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