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Heroes by Robert Cormier Teaching Resources

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Heroes by Robert Cormier includes a 125-slide PowerPoint presentation, 12 worksheets and a unit of work overview.

Heroes by Robert Cormier is a detailed unit of work featuring a series of 15 lessons designed to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of the novel Heroes at GCSE. Our Heroes teaching resource includes a range of activities for pupils of all abilities:

    -A brief biography of Robert Cormier and the historical context of 1940s USA and the Second World War

    -Activities to explore narrative structure and develop knowledge of the plot of Heroes

    -In depth analysis of the characters of Francis Cassavant, Nicole Renard, Larry LaSalle and Arthur Rivier

    -Exploration of the key themes of Heroes  - heroism, guilt, forgiveness, innocence and evil, revenge, war, loneliness and appearance and reality

    -Developing awareness of the features of a novel – character, theme, plot, style and language

    -The role of setting and the significance of place in the book

    -Robert Cormier's use of symbolism, foreshadowing and powerful imagery

    -Cloze passages and sequencing tasks to consolidate understanding of key scenes

    -Reading and discussion tasks and questions

    -Hot seating activities to explore characters, motives and themes

    -Diary writing (empathetic writing) to develop a deeper understanding of character

    -Links to additional Heroes teaching and learning resources

    -Differentiation - lessons with extension tasks and questions

    -Mind mapping the key themes and issues of Robert Cormier's Heroes

    -A 15 lesson unit of work (following the four part lesson structure)

    -A 125-slide PowerPoint presentation (see preview below)

    -12 worksheets to accompany the PowerPoint

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