Half Caste

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Half Caste

Half Caste (John Agard) 
A 27 slide PowerPoint resource. 
GCSE English (9-1) Teaching Resources: Half Caste (John Agard) is an excellent resource for teaching the poem Half Caste by John Agard. 

Our Half Caste resource fully utilises PowerPoint as an effective teaching tool; all PowerPoint slides are clear and easy to follow and use a number of techniques to help students develop knowledge and understanding of the poem Half Caste.  To view the complete resource Half Caste (John Agard) PowerPoint in more detail you can preview resources by clicking on the slides in the preview box underneath the resource’s description.   

GCSE English Teaching Resources: Poems from Different Cultures – Half Caste (John Agard) covers all the key areas required by the National Curriculum and includes a wide range of activities for pupils of all abilities such as:

    * a quick biography of John Agard and the social context of Half Caste
    * activities to develop knowledge of the ‘narrative’ of Half Caste
    * exploration of the key themes of Half Caste (identity, ignorance, prejudice, etc)   
    * developing awareness of techniques used in the poem
    * teaching the use of Point/Evidence/Explain to write about Half Caste
    * John Agard's purpose and the poem's meaning
    * analysis of John Agard's use of phonetic language in Half Caste
    * John Agard's use of poetic techniques
    * developing inference and deduction skills  

To preview GCSE English Teaching Resources: Poetry from Different Cultures -  Half Caste (John Agard) click on the images.


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