GCSE English Language Reading Comprehension Skills 2 - teaching resource

GCSE English Language Reading Comprehension Skills 2 Teaching Resources

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GCSE English Language Reading Comprehension Skills 2  

This three-lesson mini-unit is designed to help GCSE students develop their Reading Fiction comprehension skills. It is made up of a 48-slide PowerPoint presentation, 8 worksheets and a comprehension task that uses an extract from the novel ‘Extra Life’ by Oliver Kean.


Lesson One

- An introduction to the 'Reading Fiction' section of the GCSE English Language exam

- How to approach the exam task

- Analysing an extract - first and second reading

- Consolidation and using deduction skills

- How to write an extended answer about language

Lesson Two

- How to refer to the text and use quotes effectively

- How to write about structure

- How to answer a 20-mark evaluation question effectively

- A 45-minute assessment task

Lesson Three

- Feedback and discussion of student responses 

- All five GCSE-type assessment questions and answers explored in detail

- Exemplar answers for all five questions

'GCSE English Language Reading Comprehension Skills 2' has everything you need to help you develop essential exam skills. 

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