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Functional Skills English Reading Teaching Resources

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English Teaching Resources: Functional Skills Reading - A Skill for Life is an 88 slide PowerPoint Scheme of Work / Unit Plan with step by step lesson plans designed to teach English Functional Skills Reading and a booklet of 32 teaching worksheets. Resources include nine lessons, each structured using the four part lesson plan (starter activity, introduction, development and plenary) all of which can be edited, personalised and differentiated to suit your teaching needs.  English Teaching Resources: Functional Skills Reading is a comprehensive and detailed teaching resource.  The scheme of work includes:

Lesson by lesson scheme of work overview

What are Functional Skills Reading?

The features of written texts

Adapting writing to audience and purpose

Finding information quickly - skimming, scanning and highlighting

How to identify and understand how a text is constructed

Retrieving information from a text

The layout of a text and the use of presentational devices

Finding and responding to information in tables and charts

Example functional skills reading task

Functional Skills reading assessment criteria

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