Functional Skills English - Entry Level 1 - teaching resource

Functional Skills English - Entry Level 1 Teaching Resources

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Functional Skills English – Entry Level 1 Teaching unit

(Unit includes 147-slide editable PowerPoint and 34 worksheets)

This detailed teaching unit covers everything required by 2019 Functional Skills English for Entry Level One. It includes a range of differentiated, engaging and practical activities that help pupils develop key communication skills. The unit covers Speaking, Listening, Communication, Reading and Writing.

Contents include the following:

  • An introduction to Functional Skills
  • Self assessment – ‘My strengths and weaknesses’
  • EL1 key words spellings tests built into each lesson
  • A – Z activities to strengthen alphabet skills
  • Radio advertisement and Tannoy announcement tasks to help develop listening skills
  • Arranging a party and a family holiday – to help develop practical organisation, planning and communication skills
  • How to discuss and make your voice heard in a group 
  • How to build arguments and find information quickly by skimming and scanning
  • Taking part in a debate
  • Exploring the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Developing key writing skills – capital letters, full stops, sentences, etc
  • How to take messages (on the phone or face to face) and how to make notes when message taking
  •  And lots more!

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