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Face by Benjamin Zephaniah Teaching Resources

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Face by Benjamin Zephaniah 

Year 8/9 Unit of Work (148-slide editable PowerPoint teaching resource with 27 worksheets) 

This KS3 Unit of Work explores the novel Face by Benjamin Zephaniah and is designed to help Year 8/9 learners develop key English reading skills.

Contents include:


  • Reading and comprehension activities
  • Analysing and writing about characters in detail
  • Developing inference and deduction skills
  • Using and explaining quotations
  • Quizzes to assess understanding informally – crossword, word search and pub quiz
  • Using constructive criticism to improve
  • Exploring and discussing the key themes in ‘Face’
  • Examining how the author builds tension
  • Writing empathetically in character (diaries, school reports, letters, police report) to show understanding
  • Improvisation and role-play activities
  • Ideas for post-reading 


And lots more!

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