Eduqas GCSE English Literature Unseen Poetry - teaching resource

Eduqas GCSE English Literature Unseen Poetry Teaching Resources

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Eduqas GCSE English Literature Unseen Poetry 

'Eduqas GCSE English Literature Unseen Poetry' is a 103-slide PowerPoint presentation with 19 accompanying worksheets and is ideal for teaching approaches to the unseen poetry question on the Eduqas GCSE English Literature exam. 

Contents include:

Example examination questions with example poems.

A mnemonic designed to give students a structured approach to answering the unseen poetry questions.

A step-by-step guide to writing about unseen poetry using the example questions and exemplar responses.

How to write about an unseen poem's content, imagery, poetic techniques, structure, mood and theme.

How to write a personal response.

How to compare one unseen poem with another.

Exemplar model answers.

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