Compound Sentences - KS3 - teaching resource

Compound Sentences - KS3 Teaching Resources

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Compound Sentences - KS3 

(21-slide PowerPoint lesson with 5 worksheets) 

Our ‘KS3 English Essentials’ resources are designed to help KS3 learners master key English skills which were not fully developed at KS2. 

This lesson is aimed at middle ability KS3 pupils who are relatively confident with simple sentences and need to progress onto compound sentences. 

After a recap of the basics of simple sentences, pupils are introduced to the concept of compound sentences, coordinating conjunctions and the popular acronym FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So). 

Pupils will then use the ‘Coordinating Conjunctions in Action’ worksheet to help them respond to a range of differentiated tasks aimed at helping them to develop their confidence in the use of compound sentences.  

The lesson concludes with a brief plenary in which students identify and correct the mistakes in six compound sentences.  

Suggested answers are provided for all tasks.

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