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Autumn - New Year, New Leaf

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Autumn - New Year, New Leaf (slide 3/10)
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Autumn - New Year, New Leaf

Autumn - New Year, New Leaf  

For many young people a new school year can be tough for a number of reasons. It could be starting at a brand new school, moving class within their current school or it could be that they did not have the summer that their peers did.

Many young people spend the summer break without being taken on trips, doing activities, spending time with family and friends in a fun way – some may well be carers to younger siblings or parents/other relatives; others may not have financial means via which to do the things that many of their classmates have and many may be dreading the question, “What did you do over the summer?”

The aims of this resource are to enable all learners to look forward and to engage with the potential of new things for the upcoming year; to promote learners to share their ideas and perhaps find a companion within their peer group with similar interests and/or potentially a friend to start a new activity with; finally to seed ideas for learners to get active in a variety of ways – physically, musically, emotionally or otherwise. 

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