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Alphabet (slide 1/27)
Alphabet (slide 2/27)
Alphabet (slide 3/27)
Alphabet (slide 4/27)
Alphabet (slide 5/27)
Alphabet (slide 6/27)
Alphabet (slide 7/27)
Alphabet (slide 8/27)
Alphabet (slide 9/27)
Alphabet (slide 10/27)
Alphabet (slide 11/27)
Alphabet (slide 12/27)
Alphabet (slide 13/27)
Alphabet (slide 14/27)
Alphabet (slide 15/27)
Alphabet (slide 16/27)
Alphabet (slide 17/27)
Alphabet (slide 18/27)
Alphabet (slide 19/27)
Alphabet (slide 20/27)
Alphabet (slide 21/27)
Alphabet (slide 22/27)
Alphabet (slide 23/27)
Alphabet (slide 24/27)
Alphabet (slide 25/27)
Alphabet (slide 26/27)
Alphabet (slide 27/27)


English Teaching Resources: Alphabet 

27 slide PowerPoint presentation

EYFS / KS1 - Reading

The Alphabet is a 27 slide PowerPoint presentation focusing on teaching the alphabet.  Slides display the name of each letter, a word beginning with each letter and an illustration of the word.

To preview our Alphabet teaching resource please click on the PowerPoint images opposite.

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