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GCSE English Teaching Resources: A Christmas Carol - The Cratchits  

(15-slide PowerPoint and 5 worksheets)

This lesson encourages learners to begin to examine Dickens’ presentation of the Cratchit family in Stave Three. It focuses on the following short passage from ‘And perhaps it was the pleasure the good Spirit had in showing off this power…’ to ‘…to be let out and peeled.’

The lesson begins with a differentiated ‘Do Now’ starter activity in which learners unscramble quotations from Staves One and Two and the early part of Stave Three. 

Following on from this, learners will read the passage indicated above and undertake a true or false task to test their understanding. 

Learners will then analyse Dickens’ presentation of the Cratchits by responding to questions on a passage-based worksheet. Suggested answers are included on the PowerPoint. 

The lesson concludes with a brief learning review that asks learners to identify five things they have learnt about the Cratchits during the lesson.

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