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A Christmas Carol - Scrooge is Redeemed 

(12-slide PowerPoint lesson with 3 worksheets) 

This lesson enables learners to begin to explore Dickens’ presentation of Scrooge’s redemption in Stave Five. 

It begins with a differentiated Quick Fire Quiz in which learners answer as many questions as they can on Stave One in five minutes. 

Learners will then read from the beginning of Stave Five down to ‘Heavenly sky; sweet fresh air; merry bells.  Oh, glorious.  Glorious!’

After reading the passage, learners will undertake a passage-based worksheet in which they explore Dickens’ presentation of Scrooge in this passage. 

The lesson concludes with a brief review in which learners suggest the significance of four images in relation to Scrooge’s redemption. 

Suggested answers are provided for all tasks. 

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