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A Christmas Carol - Introducing Scrooge Teaching Resources

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GCSE English Teaching Resources: A Christmas Carol - Introducing Scrooge  

This resource for KS4 enables learners to explore Dickens’ introduction to the protagonist Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’. It includes:

A differentiated Do Now activity, in which learners read a short passage of text on the biblical background of the name Ebenezer and consider how it might be relevant to readers’ understanding of Dickens’ main character. At higher levels, learners will also reflect on the meaning and the connotations of the surname Scrooge. 

After this, learners will read from the beginning of the novella to the end of Dickens’ introduction to Scrooge. As they read, learners will consider 

What they learn about Scrooge’s character

What Dickens does not tell us about Scrooge

How Scrooge may develop in the future. 

The main activity is for learners to use one of three differentiated templates to design Scrooge’s Twitter profile page, based on what they have read in the introductory passage. This activity encourages learners to think about sub-textual layers of meaning as well as surface level information. Teacher suggestions provided.   

The lesson concludes with learners reflecting on what they have learnt during the lesson about the character of Scrooge. 

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