A Christmas Carol - Fezziwig and Scrooge - teaching resource

A Christmas Carol - Fezziwig and Scrooge Teaching Resources

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KS4/GCSE English Teaching Resources: A Christmas Carol - Fezziwig and Scrooge  

(15-slide PowerPoint presentation and 7 worksheets)

This lesson enables learners to build on their understanding of how Dickens juxtaposes Scrooge and Fezziwig in the novella. It follows on directly from the previous lesson, 'Old Fezziwig' and assumes that learners have read from ‘The Ghost stopped at a certain warehouse door…’ down to ‘”…That’s all.”’

To begin with, there is a differentiated 'Do Now' worksheet task which includes a true or false activity on the events of Stave Two thus far. For further challenge, learners will correct the five false statements and write a list, from memory, of the things they have learnt about the Ghost of Christmas Past. 

Following on from this, learners will revisit the magazine-style quiz they undertook in the previous lesson and use these ideas to contrast Scrooge and Fezziwig as employers. 

The lesson concludes with a learning review that asks learners to identify four different ways in which Scrooge and Fezziwig are different.  

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