A Christmas Carol - AQA GCSE - teaching resource

A Christmas Carol - AQA GCSE Teaching Resources

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A Christmas Carol - AQA GCSE is made up of a 101-slide PowerPoint presentation, 14 worksheets, 7 lesson plans and a unit overview. 

Each lesson has been constructed around the four-part lesson format (starter, introduction, development and plenary) and all can be edited, modified and differentiated to fit your specific teaching needs. A Christmas Carol - AQA GCSE is perfect for teaching to lower ability students as it approaches the text in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

Activities include:

Social and historical context - a Victorian Christmas and what it was like to be poor in Victorian society.

Use of structure – chronological order and flashbacks. 

Developing key GCSE reading skills - inference and deduction activities. 

Analysis of Scrooge's character development and Dickens' use of language.

Using P.E.T.E.R. when writing extended answers.

Exam preparation – example exam questions to help students prepare for GCSE

Language study – how Dickens uses language for effect.

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